California Man Goes From Behind Bars To Running A Cannabis Farm Tourist Attraction & Partnering With Willie’s Reserve

Willie Nelson and woman smiling

Johnny Casali used to spend his time behind bars for growing cannabis. Now his farm is open to the public.

Casali spent eight years in the slammer after feds caught him growing in Humboldt County, CA in 1992. Now, after the legalization of weed in the state of California, he has managed to turn his cannabis farm into a sight-seeing attraction for all.

Huckleberry Hill Farms is one of the first cannabis farms in the nation to be granted a tourism license, and now everybody can take a gander at the lush gardens that are located just outside of Garberville, CA, relatively close to the San Francisco area.

In a recent interview with SF Gate, Casali says:

“Our cannabis is world-renowned… there’s no other place in the world that was subjected to more eradication than southern Humboldt County. It is known as the ‘bull’s eye of the dartboard.”

I’d say this is a damn good redemption story, as Casali finally gets the chance to show off the gorgeous farmland, instead of keeping it a hidden gem from the rest of the world.

Casali is also a huge Willie Nelson fan and even provides some of the bud for Willie Nelson’s brand of cannabis, “Willie’s Reserve.” He also owns two goats affectionately named, “Willie” and “Nelson.”

In you’re in Northern California, and want to check out a cannabis farm, you know where to look.

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