VIDEO: Enormous Golden Eagle Snatches Kid, Takes Off With Him, In Front Of Oblivious Dad

I imagine the morning conversation at home went something like this…

Wife to husband:

“Hey honey, you want to take the baby to the park? Maybe have a little picnic?”

Husband says sure, takes baby to park, isn’t paying attention (looking at the food maybe, maybe there’s a 6-pack in there?), aaaaand an eagle stole the baby.

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Wait, what.

No, I’m serious. A wild video from Montreal shows a dad and his baby setting up at a park, when a massive golden eagle swoops in, snatches the kid, and actually makes it a good distance before dropping the kid.

Watching the dad run towards the eagle flying off with his kid is an all-time sight to behold. Having to explain why the kid has talon marks on his shoulders to his wife is exactly why they say you’re never truly prepared for a baby.

“So, how was the park?”


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