Zac Brown Band Debut Tearjerker Music Video For Heartwarming Daddy/Daughter Tune, “The Man Who Loves You The Most”

At the lowest point, when I thought all hope was lost, somebody finally knocked some sense back into Zac Brown.

After the God-awful, blasphemy that came from Brown’s most recent albums, The Owl and The Controversy, it looks like he’s finally coming back to his roots…  and thank God for it. Since their start, Zac Brown Band has been one of the most talented group of musicians in all of country music, but dabbling in pop and rap like they did was laughable at best. Even their most die-hard fans were begging for them to right the ship.

And they have… at least for now.

Zac Brown Band released their newest single, “The Man Who Loves You The Most,” back in June of last year, a pleasant surprise compared to what we had been hearing. And today, they’re back with a heartwarming music video to accompany the song. Getting back to the feel of the music that made Zac Brown Band great, it reminds you of songs like “Highway 20 Ride,” “Colder Weather,” and “My Old Man.”

Also, fair warning… if you have a daughter, be sure to grab a box of tissues before you watch. This heartfelt love letter from a father to his daughter is one that will definitely hit home for any men out there with little girls at home.

And if you’re getting married soon, and looking for a perfect daddy/daughter song to dance to, this could be the one.

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