Koe Wetzel Parties His A** Off In New Booze-Filled, Stripper-Packed “Good Die Young” Video

Koe Wetzel Good Die Young Music Video

How ’bout another legendary Koe Wetzel music video?

True to his reputation, the rowdy Texas country rocker just debuted another booze-filled, stripper-packed, party ’til we drop music video for “Good Die Young,” a cut from his recently released Sellout album.

If you don’t know by now, Koe has a track record of putting together some incredible music videos as we’ve seen with  “Forever,” “Cold & Alone,” and “Sundy Or Mundy.” And, this one was no different.

He teased fans with the release a few hours ago on Twitter:

“We dropped a music video for Good Die Young, go watch if ya wanna.”

Of course, in good ol’ Koe Wetzel fashion, he immediately responded with:

“Just kidding it drops in a couple hours, tf I’m talm bout.”

Directed by Erica Alexandria Silverman, the video begins with Koe learning he has 24 hours before he’s shipped off to jail for a long time, and then follows him through his epic last day of freedom.

Give it a watch, “if ya wanna.”