Koe Wetzel Shows You How To Handle A Breakup In New “Cold & Alone” Music Video


The wait is officially over. Koe Wetzel’s highly-anticipated new album Sellout is finally here, and I’m about to crack into a cold sixer and dive into the goods.

And to kick off the party, a brand new music video for “Cold & Alone,” featuring crop-top Koe, a flamingo pool float, a flamethrower, an ATV, a whole mess of heartache, some cold Miller Lites, and more. Stab a teddy bear, torch some shit, fish for beer cans… if that doesn’t ease the pain, I don’t know what will.

Of the new song, Koe says:

“I just put myself in somebody else’s shoes going through a breakup, you know what I mean? Just kind of mixed with personal feelings that I’ve had going through breakups and then how somebody would feel if they were just dropped out of the sky from a long-term relationship. And so I just took that and we came up with that song from the ground up. All these songs were pretty much put together within a two-month period, if that.”

Also, not gonna lie right now… that Cross Canadian Ragweed crop top just works. Could I pull it off? Fuck no. But if anyone could bring back the ’80s-style men’s crop tops.. it would be him.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock