Colter Wall’s “Kate McCannon” Video Is Some Kind Of Wild Ride

So, has anyone else listened to Colter Wall’s “Kate McCannon,” or better yet watched the video?

The song from his debut, self-titled album is anything but bad (come on, it’s Colter Wall we’re talking about), but the story is rather intense, and quite compelling. The Canadian country singer tells the familiar tale of a love gone wrong for a young couple.

Then you watch the music video…

The video is a rare breed, something I can honestly say, I have never seen before. Like the song, the video plays out the storyline of a young, lower class couple falling in love, getting married, infidelity, and then (spoiler alert) murder.

Maybe it’s the components of the video, along with Colter Wall’s melancholy vocals in the background, that make you feel some type of a way, but we’ve got…

A free- spirited, blue haired bride.

A jealous groom.

A trailer park affair.

Numerous clips of the wedding party square dancing?



It’s all in there…

A new kind of gripping, the way more music videos should be. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching it a few times over, it’s that wild.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock