Blackberry Smoke Announce New Album, ‘You Hear Georgia,’ Release Title Track

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Zach Pigg

The boys of Blackberry Smoke are back, and for this new record, they brought some help.

Their upcoming studio album You Hear Georgia will be the band’s first project with super producer Dave Cobb at the helm. And in addition to Dave, fellow Southern boys Jamey Johnson and Warren Haynes are also featured on selected tracks.

A celebration of their Southern roots, the new album pays homage to their home state of Georgia. As for the title track, lead singer Charlie Starr says it’s about the misunderstandings of the South, especially in light of these divisive times.

“Lyrically, the song is about the South being misunderstood. It’s obviously a rough and tumble world, and there’s a lot of bad people. But there’s a lot of good people too.

It started with the idea of how people might have a preconceived opinion of you because of a thick Southern accent, then expanded into the reality of how some people just seem to have such a hard time getting along, thanks to political or religious views, or simply what part of the country you come from.”

Due out on May 28th, the new album is their first since their 2018 project, Find A Light, although they have released a number of live albums/EPs in between.

You Hear Georgia Tracklist:

1. Live It Down
2. You Hear Georgia
3. Hey Delilah
4. Ain’t The Same
5. Lonesome For A Livin’ (feat. Jamey Johnson)
6. All Rise Again (feat. Warren Haynes)
7. Old Enough To Know
8. Morningside
9. All Over The Road
10. Old Scarecrow

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