Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table Restaurant Underwater After Texas Winter Storm, Urge Folks To Donate To Others In Need

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The winter storm that hit Texas this past week has been absolutely devastating.

The pictures alone are absolutely insane, but that’s just shadow of what’s really going on there. Power has been out, water pipes have burst, grocery stores have been wiped clean, and while the storm may be over, the devastating effects are just now being realized.

And nobody is immune.

Waco residents and Fixer Upper hosts Chip & Joanna Gaines recently walked back into their restaurant Magnolia Table to find that pipes had burst and the place was under water.

They’ll be able to fix it, both physically and financially, but for a lot of other Texans across the state, that’s not the case.

“Whether you heard about it on the news or have been living in the middle of it, you know Texas has been hit hard by Winter Storm Uri.

Families and individuals from all over are dealing with the fallout of a storm like we’ve never seen. Here in Waco, we opened the doors to a busted pipe that flooded our restaurant… but we know this same story is playing out across the state, with so many people facing far worse.

But there is something we can do now… We can work to change what tomorrow holds for a lot of these people. Let’s do some good today.”

Which is why the Gaines family is pledging $100,000 to Habitat Texas: Disaster Relief Services, Feeding Texas, and Mission Waco.

And they’re encouraging those who can to join them donating:

“To really make an impact, we’re asking you to come alongside us in contributing to our friends over at Habitat Texas: Disaster Relief Services, Feeding Texas, and Mission Waco.

These groups have already hit the ground running to provide immediate relief to communities across the state, and are committed to long-term recovery and restoration efforts, locally and statewide.

The best way we know how to help our neighbors here in Texas is to link arms and continue the good work that’s already begun. To get things started, Magnolia will be donating $100,000. But we know we can do more together.”

Click here to donate.

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