These Pictures Of The Cold In Texas Right Now Are Absolutely Insane

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These pictures of the situation in Texas right now are absolutely insane.

After being hit with a once-in-a-generation winter storm bringing snow and ice to states like Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, many in the south are still struggling with no electricity and freezing cold temperatures.

And I know, some northerners may laugh and say “Well those southerners just can’t handle the cold.” But this isn’t your average cold in Texas.

How cold is it?

So cold that swimming pools are frozen.

And so are hot tubs.

Fountains? Didn’t stand a chance against this cold.

But it’s not just outside. Indoor fish tanks are frozen too.

And dog water bowls.

Oh, and ceiling fans? Yep, frozen. I didn’t even know that was possible.

And imagine trying to go to the bathroom and your toilet is frozen.

Many people are also without water – but even those that have it are having problems using it.

Good luck trying to do dishes right now.

It’s so cold that people are bringing their livestock inside their house to keep them warm.

And Texas isn’t the only state in the south dealing with the blistering cold, either. Here’s the situation in Oklahoma:



♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Louisiana, of course, is dealing with the cold in the most Louisiana way possible.

But this one might take the cake…

So yeah, this isn’t your average cold snap down south. It’s a terrible situation right now, with people going days without heat or power and no indication of when things will get fixed.

Here’s to hoping our friends in Texas stay strong and weather this (literal) storm they’re having to deal with – on top of everything else already going on.

With a little Texas engineering like this though, something tells me they’re going to be just fine.

I guess this is what Flatland Cavalry was singing about.

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A beer bottle on a dock