Tampa Tommy Blames Drunken Super Bowl Party Video On “Avocado Tequila”

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He would…

Tom Brady was in rare form yesterday, and no I don’t mean Super Bowl champion form. For him, that’s pretty commonplace… I’m talking about Tampa Tommy stumbling around hammered out of his gourd.

Twitter had a field day with it, I’m sure the drunk Tom remix videos are all over the interwebs at this point, but I have to say, drunk Tom is my favorite Tom.

And while I suspected a couple low-carb Michelob Ultras (after all the guy eats like a fucking rabbit), but as it turns out, the culprit was avocado tequila.

Some kind of triple-filtered, cold-pressed, all-natural, organic, grass-fed, vegan-friendly, paleo-approved, electrolyte-enhanced, non-toxic, immune-boosting, sugar-free, carb-free, Icelandic mineral water-infused avocado tequila. Or so I would imagine…

Is that a real thing? Who really knows… but if we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned that Tom is as good at Twitter he is at football.

He’s a Florida Man now…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock