Jimmie Allen Speaks On Morgan Wallen: “Forgiveness Is More Powerful Than Abandonment”

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Morgan Wallen has dominated the country music headlines this past week after he was virtually removed from the face of country music over his drunken n-bomb.

He was suspended by his label, dropped by his booking agent, and booted from country radio, although… his streams have never been better.

Artists including Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and plenty of others spoke out, however when the news broke, his fellow CMA New Artist of the Year nominee, Jimmie Allen, took some time to process before he weighed in.

And now that he has taken the time to gather his thoughts, his message was one of forgiveness.

Country Music executive, Rakiyah Marshall, who is the owner of publishing and artist development company Back Blocks Music, has also spoke out with her take on the situation.

Her approach, much like Jimmie’s, was also a call not to abandon him all together:

“This guy has a heart. Maybe a little ignorant, for sure makes a lot of mistakes, may need a little extra love & care, has lost his fight with alcohol, but by no means is a racist.

Has a lot to learn about his missteps and it’s going to take a while. He is not perfect nor does he get a pass for his reckless behavior. But he does not deserve this and I’ll stand by that. I’m not giving up on him. Hope the world gets to see the person I know in that picture.”

Her post received positive comments from fellow artists, songwriters and other country music industry folks.

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