Texas Hawk Comes Up Empty As Rabbit Plays Dead, Is Also Too Heavy For Hawk To Carry

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Comin’ to you from Katy, Texas.

A majestic place with lots of animals, and tons of hawks. This hawk doesn’t possess the same strength as some eagles who literally try to fly off with children, however.

This is an underdog story…

Esra, the woman who took the video, said she was “walking towards the gym with my three-year-old in the parking lot when I noticed a bird (appears to be maybe a red tail hawk) was having a hard time carrying what I thought was a dead animal. To our surprise, while zooming in on the video he tried to fly off with what was a bunny.”

Not just any bunny, but a living bunny.

I thought for sure that thing was dead, but he had a little too much girth after the holidays for the hawk.

Plays dead. Gets up and trots off.

A win for the underdogs this time.

Rabbit Is Too Heavy For Hawk To Fly Off With

Texas hawk comes up empty. A win for the underdogs.

Posted by Whiskey Riff on Monday, January 11, 2021

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