Morgan Wallen On New Song “865” – “Whoever’s Number This Is, I’m Extremely Sorry”

Any of you kids remember 867-5309/Jenny?

No? Didn’t think so…

Anyways, it was a popular song from 1981 by one-hit wonder Tommy Tutone, and when it blew up, people dialed the shit out of that phone number. Thousands and thousands of calls, no matter what area code you had. It was a nightmare and people all over the country were changing their numbers as fast as they could.

And unfortunately for some poor soul in East Tennessee, it might be the case again.

Although for Morgan, the song was originally named “919.”

“‘865’ is a song that was originally sent to me called ‘919.’ I don’t even know where that area code is at. I’m sorry if you’re from that area code, I’m sure you’re great. 865 is the area code that I use, and if I hear those 3 digits, it takes me back to place or time. It just makes me think of home. I thought it was a unique in the way that they used it. And also, whoever’s number that is, I am extremely sorry.”

RIP 865-409-1021…

Actually… I called it.

It’s US TelePunch, a dial-in mobile service for businesses and their employees.

Morgan can rest easy knowing somebody isn’t getting flooded with calls in the wee-hours of the morning…

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