Luke Combs Tells Stone Cold Steve Austin How An Eric Church CD In College Sparked His Career

Gimme a hell yeah.

Back in mid-December, we told you about Luke Combs appearing on the new season of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s show, Straight Up Steve Austin, on USA Network.

In the episode out next week, the two do a lot of talking about Luke’s career from the beginning, go mudding, shotgun some beers, and shoot the shit.

While mudding, they took a break and Stone Cold (BIG country music guy) asked Luke about Eric Church.

Here’s what Combs had to say.

“The reason myself and my parents stopped listening to country music at that time, it wasn’t as relatable. A lot of guys got heavy into the beach, it was getting more poppy sounding at the time. And not to say I’m Merle Haggard, because I’m not, but that was the big shift…”

“So when I got to Appalachian State, a guy that lived on my floor brought in an Eric Church CD…once I heard Eric I was like, this is something I can relate to and if he can do that and he’s from here, and I’m from here, I can do that.”

“That’s where the fire caught its spark.”

Here’s the full clip from USA.

The Season 2 premiere with Combs is Monday, January 11 at 11pm ET/PT.

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