Soldier Ships $200 Worth Of Dirt To Italy So His Son Can Be Born On Texas Soil

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They do things a little different in Texas…

And even when you’re not in Texas, say you’re stationed half a world away over in Italy, that Texas pride is just as present as ever.

U.S. paratrooper Tony Traconi was stationed overseas in Italy for the birth of his son. And unfortunately for him, Italy isn’t Texas, and that would keep him from fulfilling his wish of having his first-born son born on Texas soil.

So what did he do? He spent over $200 to have Texas dirt air-mailed to him so he could put it under his wife’s hospital bed.

“I spent over $200 on shipping costs for dirt from Texas. The plan is to hide it under the hospital bed so when my wife gives birth my son will be born over Texas land. To be able to say my son was born over Texas is priceless to me.”

Tony also held onto the dirt until his son was old enough to take his first picture on Texas soil.

Texas forever…

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