Tyler Rich Discovers Dead Body On New Year’s Eve Jog: “Something I’ll Never Unsee”

A man with a beard and a hat

What an absolutely awful way to end an awful year.

Big Machine recording artist Tyler Rich discovered a body while jogging in Chicopee Memorial State Park (in Hampden County, Massachusetts) on New Year’s Eve.

According to WWLP, police are currently investigating the situation, however Tyler detailed the horrifying encounter on his Twitter account. On his first glance, it appeared to be a sleeping homeless man, but when Tyler checked on him, he found the man covered in blood.

“I realize he isn’t breathing, and as I get around to the front of him, all I see is a lifeless face covered in blood. Everywhere.  Looked like maybe shot, or blunt force. At this moment, I freak out and sprint up the steep hill to try and find anyone with a phone to call police.”

Police recovered a handgun near the man which led them to believe it could possibly be a suicide.

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A beer bottle on a dock