New Video Shows Devastating Aftermath Of Nashville RV Explosion From Inside Guy’s Apartment

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What a brutal end, to a brutal year.

As the investigation continues, and the rebuilding begins to take place, more footage of the aftermath from the RV explosion has surfaced and it’s a heartbreaking thing to see.

The Latest From Nashville

Buck McCoy, a singer who lives in an apartment on 2nd avenue, took a video immediately following the blast.

“Around 5:30, I could hear gunshots coming from right outside my window,” McCoy told WKRN.

“I heard the most incredible boom…”

“It just shook the entire apartment and literally blew my windows into the next room. Stuff was falling on me. Water was coming down.”

You can see the extensive damage in the video below as Buck navigates through his apartment, picking up the American flag in the process, and even walking into the lobby, then just outside.

Sadly, McCoy has not been able to find his cat, Molly, following the explosion.

Here’s an up close look to what some people woke up to Christmas morning in Nashville.

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