Get Ready For Game Day With Joe Paterno Running Across The Field Pooping His Pants

This past week the internet was convinced that Lamar Jackson ran to the locker room to poop and while he called it cramps… c’mon. He didn’t really have cramps.

If you saw how he ran to the locker room, you’d probably agree that that was a patented case of the bubble guts. Many were drawing comparisons to Paul Pierce’s situation in the 2008 NBA Finals when he had a similar bathroom incident.

While that’s an appropriate comparison, we’re forgetting the OG of running off the field to use the bathroom, Joe Paterno in the 2006 season did the same thing.

That trot across the field is a trot we’ve all had to make before. When he comes out for the second half, he’s wearing different color pants. I mean, if that doesn’t scream bathroom accident I don’t know what does.

This week, Joe Paterno’s Penn State Nittany Lions are taking on Illinois at 5:30 pm on FS1. You also have a ton of championship games to check out today so here’s when and where you can catch each one of those games.

Ohio State vs Northwestern (Big 10 Championship) 12 pm – FOX

Iowa State vs Oklahoma (Big 12 Championship) 12 pm – ESPN

Notre Dame vs Clemson (ACC Championship) 4 pm – ABC

Alabama vs Florida (SEC Championship) 8 pm – CBS

Tulsa vs Cincinnati (AAC Championship) 8 pm – ABC

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