VIDEO: Them Texas Kangaroos Will MESS You Up

As I’m sure you’ve seen, a ton of big name folks are moving to the great state of Texas.

First it was Joe Rogan, then just recently Elon Musk. If you listen to Rogan, you’ve probably heard this tidbit on more than one occasion: there are more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are in the wild, in the entire world.

Most of these tigers live in zoos and sanctuaries, but many Texans also get tigers for pets.

According to DW, “In Texas, it is easier to own a tiger than a dog that’s been labeled as dangerous. It’s estimated there could be from 2,000 to 5,000 tigers living in this southern state of the United States — meaning Texas could have more tigers than the roughly 3,800 tigers living in the wild globally.”

Texas is truly its own world…and as the old saying says “everything is bigger in Texas.”

Including their kangaroos, like Jack here.

Jack the Jacked Red Kangaroo lives at Crocodile Encounter in Angleton, TX, has four mates, is 5 years old, and will absolutely wreck your shit.

Hit ’em with the flex.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock