Tyler Childers’ “Messed Up Kid” Is Hands Down One Of His Most Underrated

When it comes to the music of Tyler Childers, anybody with half a lick of sense knows songs like “Whitehouse Road,” “Feathered Indians,” and “Lady May,” but the true fans always go deeper.

And while the true fans know all the album cuts, and some of the early stuff, only the die-hards know that it doesn’t just end there. Tyler’s catalog is plumb full of unreleased tunes, the kind of songs that you’ll only find via cell phone-quality videos on YouTube. But still, they’re better than 90% of country radio.

One of my all-time favorites, and one of Tyler’s most underrated songs… “Messed Up Kid.”

I don’t really know anything about this song other than that it’s relatively older and it’s catchy as all get-out. Tyler plays it pretty regularly on the road though, so hopefully, we’ll see “Messed Up Kid” make an album someday. It’s highly, highly unlikely, but a guy can dream, right?

If this is your first time hearing it, today is your lucky day.

Another one of his best…

“Honest Work”


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A beer bottle on a dock