6 Unreleased Songs That Every Tyler Childers Fan Needs To Hear

Mia Naome

In the wide world of country music these days (probably a little too wide for my taste), very few artists can hold a candle to the likes of Tyler Childers. Quite simply put, he’s one of the best we got right now.

From the songs that he writes and the stories he tells, the electricity he brings to the stage, the musicianship of his band The Food Stamps, and his underappreciated reverence for the sanctity of real country music, Tyler is the total package. If the past year has proven anything, it’s that people are hungry for authentic country music and Tyler is leading the charge.

Between his debut album, Bottles and Bibles, two live EPs, the incredible Purgatory and now, his his latest #1 album Country Squire, Tyler has already built himself a stellar catalog of music.

However, when you’re a gifted songwriter, you write songs. A LOT of them. And most of those songs will probably never make it on an album, but that doesn’t mean that they ain’t better than what most of country radio has to offer.

Here are six of those songs.

Six unreleased gems that every Tyler Childers fan needs to hear. And maybe you already have, Tyler’s fans are loyal to the core. Some are older, some might still make the live set, but either way… we’d all love to see them recorded. And the best part? There’s a whole helluva lot more than six of them…

“Going Home”

“Take My Hounds To Heaven”

“Cane Break”

“Jersey Giant”

“Messed Up Kid”

“Honest Work”

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