Eric Church To Release New Song “Doing Life With Me” TOMORROW

Eric Church with a beard

Oh, let’s go.

Eric is gearing up to releases the 6th song from his upcoming album, albums, project… we don’t really know what he’s cooking up right now, but whatever it is, it’s something good. All we really have to go by at this point is that Eric doesn’t want to call it an “album,” and that the cover art has followed a pattern of colors. red, blue, and purple.

“Stick That In Your Country Song” and “Crazyland” both had red cover art, “Bad Mother Trucker” and “Hell Of A View” had blue cover art, the recently released “Through My Ray-Bans” came with purple cover art (confusing the hell out of everybody) and now this new one titled “Doing Life With Me” will join in on team purple.

What sounds like a tribute to his wife, “Doing Life With Me” is about hitting that point of contentment in life where the needs and the wants are fulfilled, and nothing but gratitude is left.

“I don’t pray much anymore
For this old troubadour’s
Happiness, wishes, wants, and needs
End of my ropes, hopes and dreams
Spend my living giving thanks
For the ships I never sank
Every big, every little in the every day things
The notes and the words and the songs I sing
To the ones doing life with me.”

Comes out tonight at midnight… get ready.

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A beer bottle on a dock