Carly Pearce’s New “Show Me Around” Is An Emotional Tribute To Her Late Producer Busbee

Grab the Kleenex.

Out today, Carly Pearce’s “Show Me Around” is an emotional tribute song dedicated to her late producer Busbee, who devastatingly succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 43 last year. This song beautifully paints a picture of what Heaven might be like, and that moment when we finally get to meet our loved ones there.

“One of my most precious songs I’ve ever written. Thank you for the gifts you gave this world, Busbee. I hope you listen to this song & think of sweet thoughts of the loved ones you’ve lost getting to show you around heaven one day.”

Back in June, Carly debuted the new song at the Grand Ole Opry where went into more detail about how the song came to be:

“At his funeral, a songwriter that all of us in Nashville love named Barry Dean, he gave the most beautiful speech. And Busbee has three little girls and a beautiful wife, and he painted this picture of Heaven that was so beautiful to me.

If anybody’s ever lost anybody this felt like a really cool way to look at our loved ones that are going to meet us in Heaven and show us around.”

If you’ve lost someone recently, or even not so recently, and you just can’t wait to see them again someday, this one is for you.

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