Luke Combs Takes You Into The Studio For New Performance Video Of “Forever After All”

From the second I heard a little teaser of this song, I knew it was going to be a smash.

And it is.

So much so that it beat out Ariana Grande’s “Positions,” the lead single and title track from her upcoming album, on the iTunes/Apple Music charts (and it still is). Needless to say, her stans were PISSED, and are still spamming all over his tweets. I love it…

But like, “Beautiful Crazy,” and “Better Together,” before it, “Forever After All” continues the love story that Luke has been telling. One that was inspired by his wife Nicole, and one that continues to resonate with fans in meaningful ways.

And even Luke knew the song was special, which was why he kept is a secret as long as he did. As he tells of the new song:

“‘Forever After All’ is the first song that I wrote in my house in Tennessee. I wrote it with Rob Williford and Drew Parker. It’s one of those songs that we’ve been trying to hold back for a long time, and not play. We knew how much we loved it and how much we thought people would like it, so I’m glad that everybody’s finally gonna get a chance to hear it. It’s just kind of a continuance of the love story that you hear in ‘Beautiful Crazy’ and ‘Better Together.'”

And in this new video, Luke takes you behind the scenes and into the studio, to show you how the magic was made.

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A beer bottle on a dock