Luke Combs’ “Forever After All” Beat Ariana Grande On The iTunes Charts & Her Fans Are PISSED

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Nobody can stop the success that Luke Combs is having right now.

Not even pop superstar Ariana Grande. And her fans aren’t happy about it.

Luke released his What You See Ain’t Always What You Get deluxe album featuring five new songs this past Friday, and as we’ve come to expect any time Luke releases new music, all five songs immediately shot to the top 10 of the streaming charts.

The man is just a powerhouse.

But it seems some people aren’t happy to see Luke having so much success.

You see, Ariana Grande apparently released a new song on Friday too, the lead single to her upcoming album Positions (I had to Google that because I obviously know nothing about Ariana Grande’s music).

And while her song made it to runner up on the Apple Music chart, her fans were PISSED that it couldn’t knock off the number one song: Luke Combs’ newest wedding ballad, “Forever After All.”

If you go to Luke’s social media right now, the replies and comments are basically Ariana Grande trolls telling people to “buy Positions on iTunes.”

These stan accounts are weird…

It also appears that some of Ariana Grande’s fans have never even heard of Luke Combs. Which probably explains why they don’t understand how he’s beating her on the chart.

Oh man… hilarious.

If we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that you don’t release anything the same time as Luke Combs and expect it to go #1 right out the gate. And right now, that goes for anybody, not just country music.

Anyway, here’s the #1 song on the iTunes charts, “Forever After All.”

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