Luke Combs Teams Up With Crocs Once Again For New Fuzzy-Lined Winter Clog

A pair of sneakers with a logo

Luke Combs and Crocs done did it again.

Every time Luke Combs partners with Crocs on a new, limited-edition clog, they sell out in a matter of minutes and then pop back up on eBay at $300 bucks a pair. It’s insane… but then again, I have the the LC2s (thanks Luke) and I totally get the hype.

First, we had the LC1 wood grain clog, and 0then the LC2 camo clog. He followed that up with the Bootlegger Slides (which dropped this past summer), and now he’s back with the new LC3 fuzzy-lined edition in white with some pretty badass skull art.

“Luke Combs Crocs is back. And this time, the Crocs have a fuzz lining and the skull that’s on the back of my tour bus. The jibbitz feature a dog tag for my dog Jojo, my Gibson guitar, a pair of cowboy boots, my tour bus and a road case. Bootleggers will get first dibs, so join my fan club at to receive early access on 11/9.”

They got the fuzz in there to keep those toes warm this winter, and of course come with signature Luke Combs Jibbitz.

The official drop is Tuesday, November 10th, but fan club members will get early access, so if there was ever a time to jump into that full membership, now would be the time. These bad boys are fixin’ to fly off the shelves.

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