Nashville Man Caught Robbing Liquor Store After He Drops His Jail Release Papers On Way Out

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Won’t be needing those any time soon.

A Nashville man who was arrested for public intoxication earlier this year after being found lying on the side of the interstate apparently decided to stop at a local liquor store to pick up some wine to celebrate his newfound freedom. But as it turns out, that freedom was short-lived.

According to ,Scoop Nashville the day he was released from jail, 26-year old Dallas Wease was seen walking into Cork & Barrel liquor store here in Nashville. Wease picked up two bottles of wine and hid them in his jacket before leaving the store without paying.

At this point Wease was probably pretty pleased with himself. He was fresh out of jail and he had just slipped out of the liquor store with two bottles of wine that he got for a five-finger discount. But he left something behind at the scene: His jail release papers.

Officers at the scene located the release papers that Wease dropped on his way out of the store, and witnesses were later able to identify photos of Wease as the wine-stealing suspect. Wease was then charged with theft of merchandise under $1,000, and taken into custody last week to be booked on the new charges.

You know what they say: They don’t catch the smart ones.

Wease has since been released from jail (again) after the new charges. Let’s hope he keeps his papers with him this time.

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