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Aaron Lewis Delivers Passionate Cover Of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up”

When you have a song as powerful as Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up,” you really have to BRING IT vocally if you’re going to cover it. Don’t bring none of that weak stuff to the playground, you know what I mean?

Morgan Wallen recorded his version and did a great job, earning the respect of Jason Isbell in the process, but more times than not, you’re just not going to do it the kind of justice that it deserves.

Aaron Lewis on the other hand… his big, booming voice is the kind you need to make this song work.

Performing at a drive-in show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a few weeks back, Aaron stood on stage with just an acoustic guitar and belted out a solid rendition of one of the best songs I’ve heard in the past 10 years. Sure, he butchered a few of the words, but for all we know, this is the first time he’s ever covered the song. I’ll take raw and passionate over polished perfection every time, but all in all, I thought he did a pretty good job.

There’s a little bit of talking in the video, and the drive-in video quality ain’t the kind of front row content we’re used to getting our hands on, but hey, we have to make the best of what we got.

Aaron has made a lot of headlines for his outlandish on-stage behavior in the past couple years, walking out on shows, telling fans to shut up, telling stories about his Spanish teacher’s boobs, etc… but when it’s time to perform, just him, a guitar, and a powerful song… he’s as good as anybody in country music.

Aaron is currently on The American Drive-In Tour alongside Godsmack frontman Sully Era.

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