Aaron Lewis Says He Didn’t Learn Spanish Because Of His Teacher’s Boobs

This dude goes viral every other week, and it’s not because of his music.

Back in early February, Aaron was performing in Texas and he deemed the crowd to be too loud.

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“I’m only going to wait for so long and then I’m just going to say goodnight,” he said.

A fan then asked Lewis to sing in Spanish, which prompted him to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to speak Spanish, I’m American,” after which, the crowd got even louder.

Eventually, he set down his guitar and walked off the stage.

Now, he’s trying to explain himself, giving a recent crowd dictionary definitions as to why he’s not racist. But, there’s more (of course). He went on to say the reason he never learned Spanish is because his teacher had “amazingly beautiful breasts” and that caused him to not pay attention.

The headlines just write themselves with this guy.

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