Brothers Osborne Honor Years Of Hard Work and Sacrifice Dad Put In With “Old Man’s Boots”

Eric Ryan Anderson

Loving this new album from Brothers Osborne.

There’s not a song to skip on Skeletons, but wanted to highlight one of my personal favorites so far – the album’s final song, “Old Man’s Boots.”

It’s an ode to all the years of hard work your old man put in…

They weren’t built for speed, they weren’t built for comfort
But you can bet that they were buildin’ somethin’
Might not look like much to you
But there really wasn’t much they couldn’t walk through
They weren’t flashy, they weren’t classy
But they made him workin’ class happy
And I’d be lucky, I’d be lucky to walk a mile in my old man’s boots

Check it out.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock