Randy Houser Calls Out Canceling “Baby It’s Cold Outside” After Success Of Cardi B’s “WAP”

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Strange times we’re living in. Strange times…

Coronavirus has brought the entire world to a screeching halt, fires have burned millions of acres across the west coast, we’re in one of the most divisive political climates I’ve ever seen and tonight we got The Donald and Joe Biden about to go head-to-head in what’s sure to be an explosive presidential debate. What a time to be alive…

And also this year, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” is the number one song in the world. A polarizing song no doubt, some saw it as an empowering anthem for women and others saw it as tasteless trash. And I don’t really care where you fall on the spectrum, but Randy Houser (and plenty of others) have raised this point:

“Last year, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ was taken off the radio. This year, ‘WAP’ is the number one song. Let that sink in.”

And Randy isn’t alone.

The post was liked by fellow country artists like Miranda Lambert, Josh Abbott, Randy Rogers, Bri Bagwell, Jason Aldean, Meghan Patrick, and more, along with comments from many others. Wade Bowen said:

“Hahahahaha. Holy shit that’s good.”

Mitchell Tenpenny added:

“Haha this is so true.”

“Baby It’s Cold Outside,” which was written by Frank Loesser in 1944 and has been covered by everybody from Dean Martin and Marilyn Maxwell to Ray Charles and Betty Carter, Willie Nelson and Norah Jones to Kelly Clarkson and Ronnie Dunn, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga and more, has now been seen by many sexist and coercive.

And like I said, I don’t really care if you like the song or not, but it is interesting to see where our society is starting to draw the line on what it deems offensive and what it deems empowering. My guess is the lines will continue to blur.

But on the plus side, 2020 has also brought a resurgence of the mullet.


And for those of you not familiar, here’s “WAP.”

I’d put “NSFW,” but let’s be honest… most of us are working from home anyway.

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