Florida Man In His Underwear Hits Deputy In Face With Bible, Screams “I CONDEMN YOU,” Poops Himself

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Now THAT’S a Florida Man headline.

Let’s take a trip down to Ocala, FL where 39-year-old Robert Hoskins was arrested for breaking into another guy’s house to steal clothes.

That’s just the beginning…

When officers arrived and confronted Hoskins he was wearing only his underwear and ran at a deputy screaming “I CONDEMN YOU!” before hitting him in the face with a Bible.

After some struggle and getting himself tazed, Hoskins was finally handcuffed.

BUT WAIT, there’s more…

It was at that point that he decided to throw a Hail Mary, pooping himself before trying to break free of the cuffs and run away.

(not a bad strategy, there may have also been drugs involved)

Florida Man ended up admitting to the burglary and body cam footage clearly showed the Bible assault – he was charged “battery on an officer, burglary, theft, property damage, and resisting arrest.”

He was then released on a $13,000 bond.

Looks like we’ll have a strong finish to 2020.

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