Kane Brown’s Makeup Artist Hospitalized After Coconut Falls On Her Head During Video Shoot

Kane Brown taking a selfie on a beach with a palm tree

I’m just here to deliver the news.

This isn’t a post about Kane’s music, or him getting lost in the woods – this is strictly news.

This isn’t about “people still on Merle and Cash” unable to stand Kane.

No takes from me on this one…

Kane Brown recently explained that his makeup artist ended up in the hospital after a coconut fell on her head in Miami as he was filming the “Cool Again” music video with Nelly.

Here’s what he said:

“The sad thing, our makeup [artist] actually ended up going to the ER — a coconut fell and hit her on top of the head. My wife was talking about [that scenario] right before it happened, and we were in the trailer, and they came and told us, we were like ‘Whoa!’ But yeah, I think [she’s OK now].

If you’re wondering about makeup artists for music videos, I have to assume most have them to some extent.

However, most don’t get knocked out with coconuts as their working in the 95 degree Florida sun for this song.

Poor lady (glad she’s doing well).

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