Skydiver Narrowly Misses Girl Blowing Bubbles Before Crashing HARD Into A Parked Car

Head on swivel people.

When you’re in large crowds, when you’re in sticky situations, even when you’re just  causally blowing some bubbles in a parking lot (that isn’t a parking lot), you always gotta have your head on a swivel.

Like this girl who was playing with a bubble want when out of nowhere, a tandem skydiving team nearly took her head off before, wait for it…. CRASHING INTO A PARKED CAR.

Just listen to the sound…

According to the Daily Mail, the owner admitted that he shouldn’t have parked his car there since it was supposed to be the landing spot for a local aeronautics festival, but hell, it looks like a parking lot to me. There are dozens of other cars there too, his Lexus just so happened to be the unfortunate target of the crash landing.

“There are prohibition signs, but the drivers still parked their cars and left.”

The parachuting couple also left the scene completely uninjured except for a few bruises on the pilots legs.

Still, despite the comedy of errors here, the girl sneaking out of the way in the nick of time is the real MVP. I mean, did you hear how hard those two hit the car? Now just imagine if they hit the girl that hard…

Neo would be proud.


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