If You’re Still Sleeping On Zephaniah OHora, It’s Time To Wake Up

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In a world where the modern “throwback sound” has been prominently focused on the 90’s country vibe (which kicks ass), Zephaniah OHora’s sound turns back the clock another couple decades (and it REALLY kicks ass).

Zephaniah OHora is a country music artist based in Brooklyn, New York, but don’t let his big-city residence fool you, his music embodies everything that speaks to the country purist’s soul.

You might have to do a double-take upon first listen to make sure you didn’t mistakenly put on a Merle Haggard tune, but after you collect yourself and continue through his catalog, you’ll find yourself on a beautiful trip back through that solid-gold country sound. Zephaniah blew country fans away with his debut album This Highway, in 2017, and his sophomore record will not leave stone-cold country fans disappointed.

Listening to the Music, which is set to release on August 28th, has already yielded three singles, ”All American Singer” and the boot stompin’ “Black & Blue,” and more recently, “We Planned To Have It All.”

“All American Singer” describes music’s ability to unify people of all different backgrounds, a message this country desperately needs to hear right now.

“A good song can bring people together, no matter what ideology they’ve adopted. It can serve as a source of solace or a tool for self-reflection… It can remind us what we all share in common.”

August 28th is set to be a huge release day, and you can go ahead and add this one to the list.

“All American Singer”

“Black & Blue”

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