Randy Travis Releases “Fool’s Love Affair,” His First Radio Single Since 2013

Hallelujah, sweet baby Jesus, Randy Travis is BACK on country radio.

With today being the 35th anniversary of “On The Other Hand,” Randy’s debut single, there’s no better time to dip into the Randy Travis catalog of songs and release one that’s never been heard before.

Written by Charlie Monk, Keith Stegall, and Milton Brown, a demo of “Fool’s Love Affair” was recorded by Randy back in 1983 or ’84, but never saw the light of day. Monk recently found the old master tape of the recording, and got with Randy’s producers to isolate the vocals and record a new version of the song.

“My secret to Randy’s voice was that I always made his vocal the loudest thing on the record,” says producer Kyle Lehning. “I figured that’s why they were going to buy the record. They weren’t going to buy it because I had come up with some great electric guitar sound in the background, you know? It was his voice that was the attractive quality and what he was saying.”

Amen to that. Without question, Randy is one of the best country voices to ever grace our ears.

Randy also recently recorded a new duet of “Forever And Ever Amen” for Josh Turner’s upcoming record Country State Of Mindhis first trip into the vocal booth since 2013.

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