Aaron Lewis Changes “If I Were The Devil” To “If I Was A Liberal,” Calls Out Nancy Pelosi

Johnny Louis/Getty Images

It’s no secret where Aaron Lewis falls on the political spectrum.

He’s called Barack Obama the “worst fucking President we’ve ever had,” he went off on Senator Elizabeth Warren for lying about her Native American status, and he’s been opening critical of Nancy Pelosi on many occasions.

Recently, and I imagine until this election is over, he’s been performing his song “If I Were the Devil,” with a bit of a political twist.

Titled “If I Was A Liberal,” the lyrics go a little something like this:

“If I was a liberal, when all is said and done
I’d be the coward that I am, and I’d tuck my tail and run
I’d hide out in the darkness I’m destined to regret
‘Cause if I was Pelosi, hell, I’d be scared to death.”

Obviously, you’re political leaning will determine how you feel about the new version, but something tells me Aaron might be preaching to the choir. Then again, he was in California, the state where Nancy is a Congresswomen.

Politics, huh…

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