Aaron Lewis Rips Senator Elizabeth Warren Over Her Native American Claims

Aaron Lewis latest run of acoustic shows has become quite the spectacle. Focused on the songs and the stories behind them, Aaron does a lot more storytelling than you would typically hear at a country concert and with that, he gets EXTREMELY candid.

Maybe that type of setup just lends itself to a raucous crowd, but I just can’t get over how loud they really are. The entire time, screaming things at Aaron, I not hard to see why he walked off the stage recently. This type of non-stop fan interaction is also what prompted his viral “I don’t speak Spanish, I’m American” response to a largely Hispanic crowd, when someone screamed for him to sing in Spanish.

And, the other night in Florida, he was at it again, this time, tearing¬†into Senator Elizabeth Warren for lying about her Native American status. Warren is a Senator in Lewis’ home state of Massachusetts, so when someone in the crowd yelled out something about Massachusetts, Aaron responded with this:

“I really don’t want to give Massachusetts any props right now, I’m being honest with ya, I can’t in good conscience give props to a state that re-elected Pocahontas, after it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that every person in this room is more American-Indian than that woman.”

“I have never claimed in my life to be American-Indian and I’m more American-Indian than that fucking lying bitch.”


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