Bubba Wallace Addresses Noose Incident: “I’m Pissed… People Are Trying To Test My Character”

Don Lemon, Darrell Wallace are posing for a picture

Bubba speaks.

Alright gonna break this down really quick for anybody (living under a rock) that’s still catching up.

Sunday at Talladega, Bubba Wallace’s team finds a “noose” in the garage. Reports it to NASCAR, NASCAR, the FBI, and the DOJ launch an investigation. Monday, the race resumes after bad weather, Bubba is pushed out to the track by all the drivers and crew members as a sign of solidarity, he cries, Richard Petty hugs him, it’s a powerful moment. Today, the FBI concludes the “noose” is really just a garage door pull rope with a loop on the end that’s been there since the fall of 2019. It’s NOT a hate crime targeted at Bubba.

On the one hand, Bubba didn’t see it, it definitely wasn’t placed there by him or his team, but fans are pissed and the Jussie Smollett comparisons are raging on Twitter. People think it’s a hoax, others think NASCAR used it as a publicity stunt, and some are wondering why a garage door pull rope looks like a noose… it’s a big mess. Especially in the racially tense times we’re living in.

But tonight, Bubba sat down with Don Lemon to address the entire thing.

Here’s what he had to say:

Bubba also added that even though it was directed at him, which it seems to be pretty clear based on the investigation that it wasn’t, it still was a noose that someone tied and in his opinion, it’s not like any garage pull he’s ever seen.

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