Investigation Reveals Bubba Wallace Incident Was NOT A Hate Crime – Was A Garage Door Pull Rope

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Well this story just took an interesting turn.

During Sunday’s race at Talladega, it was widely reported that a noose was left hanging in the garage of driver Bubba Wallace, the sport’s only black driver. When the race resumed on Monday, his fellow drivers put on an impressive and emotional display of support for him, leaving him in tears.

However, as some suspected, it turns out that the alleged noose turned out to be a pull rope for the garage door.

According a statement released by NASCAR, the “noose” had been on that garage since at least 2019. Federal authorities concluded an investigation showing that Bubba Wallace was indeed NOT the target of a hate crime and no charges will be filed.

At the end of the day, this has to be a good thing for NASCAR.

The fact that Bubba wasn’t the target of this kind of vile behavior is a great outcome, and as NASCAR President Steve Phelps said, “the best result we could’ve hoped for.”

However, Bubba is already starting to draw comparisons to Jussie Smollett when in fact, Bubba never saw the noose himself. It was discovered by a member of his crew and since we know it was there in 2019, it was NOT planted by anyone the 43 team. An overreaction? Maybe, but definitely not a hoax.

The FBI also released a statement after their investigation.

This picture appears to be what was found hanging in the garage.

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