Kip Moore Kicks Off Global Livestream Tour With Two Different Acoustic Sets

And we’re underway. I’m barely even had my coffee yet and Kip is already two sets deep into his virtual tour.

Kip will be performing a series of livestream concerts for fans across the globe today, with 4 different sets geared towards the fans in different parts of the world. Dubbed the Wild World Global Livestream Tour, he kicked things off today in Australia, (technically late last night for us here in America.)

Performing “Crazy One More Time,” “Southpaw,” “Red,White, Blue Jean American Dream,” “Crazy For You Tonight,” and “Faith When I Fall,” he also gave fans an in-depth look into how all these great songs came together

And the best part, you can rewatch the entire thing right here.

And then, just a few minutes ago, he wrapped up his set for those in the UK and Europe.

He performed “Wild  World,” “Crazy One More Time,” “She’s Mine,” and “Dirt Road,” and possibility another one… looks like the video may have cut early.

The Canadian set will begin at 12pm CST, and then he’ll wrap up here in the US at 5pm CST.

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