Natty Light Will Pay a New Intern $40 an Hour To Help Create A New Flavor

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Our friends at Natty Light just announced a “once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity.”

“Helping to create Natty’s newest flavor innovation…all while working safely from home.”

You can bet your ass it’s paid – the intern will make $40 an hour.

This is a gig about innovation and creativity, not getting your asshole boss more coffee.

“We know how crucial internships are for our fans and how summer work experiences are the launching pad for their future success. We just couldn’t let the current situation overshadow this important step in their careers,” said Daniel Blake, Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch.

“That’s why we’re forging ahead with the Natty Light Summer Internship and evolving it to tackle a big task: creating the next Natty flavor innovation.”

Not gonna lie – pretty pissed there weren’t internships like this when I was in college. Like always, Natural Light is always out here doing this coolest shit for its fans.

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Position description:

– Taste test unique flavor combinations to develop the newest Natural Light flavor

– Conduct research into the latest trends in flavor mixology

– Attend video conferences with the Natural Light brand team (pants optional)

– Familiarize yourself with the product – yes, we’ll be sending you some product to inspire your creations

– Complete weekly vlog documenting the awesomeness on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook


– 21 years of age or older as of April 28, 2019

– Good WiFi connection

– Strong supply of Zoom backgrounds

– Big Creative Energy

– Just be cool

** To apply for the internship, Natty is asking fans to get the creative juices flowing. Applicants can post a photo, sketch, doodle or tweet of their flavor innovation with #NattyIntern #contest from April 28-May 17, and fill out the application on

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A group of people in the snow

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