ATTENTION: Eric Church Is Considering The Possibility Of A DOUBLE ALBUM

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Do you remember a while back when Eric Church and his band holed up in the North Carolina mountains for 28 days? Eric and company rented out a seasonal diner up in Banner Elk and they cranked out a song a day for 28 straight days, all for his next album.

A couple of the songs we’ve already heard… one called “Jenny,” another called “Never Break Heart” that he debuted on the ACM television special, and then his most recent teaser, “Through My Ray Bans.”

And now, all we can do is wait…. wait for the release of that album.

In a recent interview with The Tennessean, Eric discussed the new record and how he wants to go about getting all of these new songs out to the fans.

“It’s my favorite time… when you know whatever you have and nobody’s heard it but you. You’ve not given it to the world yet.… Very rarely do you get to spend this much time I’ve just been letting it wash over me and see what I think and what I feel and what’s moving me.”

And the good news is that Eric said he is still deciding if it’s going to be a double album or not. But either way, Eric is confident that fans should get to hear all 28 of these new songs, and they’re going to hear some of them sooner rather than later.

“I believe it needs to be an album, it needs to be listened to as an album. That’s the way I listen so that’s what I’m gonna make whatever this next project turns out to be. It’s gonna be conceived that way and made that way.”

I’m pretty sure I just blacked out when I heard the possibility of an Eric Church double album.

It might be a long shot, and I’ve never been one to count my chickens before they hatch, but just the fact that he’s even considering a double album is enough to make me want to run through a brick wall.


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