Eric Church playing a guitar
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GET HYPED: Eric Church Wrote AND Recorded 28 Songs In 28 Days For His Next Album


A new album from Eric Church is on the way.

At CRS in Nashville, Church said he recorded 28 songs in 28 days for his next project. According to The Tennessean, he rented an old diner in North Carolina and transformed it into a recording studio.

Every day was the same – he would wake up, write a song, record that same song by day’s end.

We removed all of the barriers about what people think of the song. Just let it be the most creative thing for that one day, chase that as hard as you can (and) move on. Go on to the next one.”

For me, it’s as far out there as I’ve gotten … I couldn’t shut it off. For three or four days, I wasn’t sleeping, because I was in the studio all night and getting up in the morning. I couldn’t turn it off. … it really opened up some great stuff, creatively.”

No official word on when we can expect this new album, or how many songs will make the final cut. Is it one album? Is it two? Who the hell knows, but I AM READY for it.

Eric has so many unreleased hits, that will probably stay that way – unreleased. Here’s one of those from October.

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