White Claw Slushies With Vodka: The New Rage For Quarantine

A blender full of food

People are getting creative with their quarantine cocktails.

Times like this call for thinking and drinking outside of the box, as getting drunk on the same stuff day in, and day out, can get monotonous. Enter the new rage (thanks to TikTok): White Claw Slushies with Vodka.

It’s pretty simple – pick the Claw of your choice, get some ice, some frozen fruit, and some vodka.

Blend that shit up.

Pretend you’re blacking out on a beach somewhere, not on your couch.

Easy peasy, lemon fuckin’ squeezy.

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Like I said, easy peasy, lemon fuckin’ squeezy.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock