Blow Your Speakers Out To Kip Moore’s New Song “Southpaw”

photo via The GreenRoom

Can’t wait for this new album.

Kip Moore just released “Southpaw” (written by Moore and Westin Davis) from his upcoming Wild World album and it continues to prove that one of the most underrated artists in music couldn’t give less of a shit about chasing trends in the country music mainstream. This is quintessential Kip, and a much-needed pump up during these crazy times.

“I’ve been in the studio to record more times than I could even count, but tracking this song will always be an imprinted memory of what that process should feel like. There was so much tangible energy in the room & I can still see Manny’s face when Tom hit us with his electric tone like a 5 year old kid. Pure innocent joy.”

Southpaw’ started from a feeling of being on the outside looking in on modern society.”

“I don’t want my edges to be smoothed to fit into a box,” Kip says.

“I woke up the day we wrote it feeling like I was born in the wrong era. I grew up a boxing fan and a Southpaw was always a rare sighting, unpredictable and hard to prepare for. I wrote the song with Westin Davis in South Dakota and we’ve always understood each other like brothers and being kind of cut from the same cloth. I knew he would get my headspace that day and he always brings the magic. And on the recording side of things, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much juice in a session.”’

Turn it up.

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