Florida Woman Accidentally Gets $8.5 Million Deposited Into Bank Account For Stimulus Check

via Fox 35


Not really.

To nobody’s surprise, this story comes from WTFlorida where a woman accidentally received $8,500,000 deposited into her bank account for her COVID-19 stimulus payment.

Diana Lagulli went to the ATM to take out some cash when she saw the massive number.

Bad news is, it’s not her money, rather a glitch.

“I laughed and told our son, look, your parents are millionaires,” Diana said, knowing the money would never actually get to her. A similar situation happened in Indiana where a man also went to the ATM, and saw millions in his account. By the time he asked the bank about it, the money was gone.

What a bummer and what a shitty glitch. Your heart falls out of your ass when you see that number, before five seconds go by and you realize oh yeah, I will never touch this bullshit money.

Many stimulus checks have already been sent out or deposited – none of them will be $8.5 Million.

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