Eric Church Delivers Emotional Tribute Performance To John Prine

If you want to know the kind of impact John Prine has had on country music, you don’t need to look any further than this.

Eric Church is not a social media guy. He’s not on Twitter, he doesn’t do Instagram, for the most part you only really know what he’s doing when he’s on stage.

However, the passing of John Prine has prompted even the mysterious Eric Church to pick up his guitar, flip on that camera (props for landscape mode) and honor John with an emotional rendition of “Long Monday.”

“We lost one of my all-time favorites yesterday… a man that taught me how to write songs. So I wanna do this for John.”

John passed away yesterday due to complications from Coronavirus symptoms. He was 73.

Here’s to the great John Prine, one of the best songwriters this world has ever known.

Eric recently debuted an encouraging new song called “Never Break Heart,” a much-needed reminder of hope as we struggle to make sense of things during these tough times.

“Never Break Heart”

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A beer bottle on a dock