Farmer Makes Hilarious Video About Life Under “Shelter At Home” Order

Growing up on a farm is fun.

I didn’t grow up on a farm in the sense that my parents were farmers by trade, but we had a lot of land, some animals, and all the time in the world to get into trouble.

With Coronavirus keeping everybody on lockdown, people are going a little stir crazy. Farmers however, they were made for sheltering in place. Ever see Season 2 of The Walking Dead? Why do you think they went out to the farm? There’s plenty of provisions, plenty of food, nobody around, and nowhere to go. The perfect situation for a zombie apocalypse or… you know, global pandemic.

So when this farmer’s sister asked him to make a video explaining what sheltering in place is really like down on the farm, he was happy to oblige.

“Sister wanted a video for her students about being a Farmer during Shelter at Home.”

Also, I have to throw that NSFW warning in there before you watch the video, but let’s not pretend any of you are actually at work right now…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock