Nashville Zoo Hosting Adults-Only Animal Party With All The Beer You Can Drink

A woman squatting next to a cat eating from a bowl

The Nashville Zoo may be known for having the “World’s Best Bathroom,” (yeah, seriously) but now, they’re upping their game.

Dubbed “Spring Flamingle,” this April 2nd zoo party will offer live music, local food trucks, up-close encounters with the animals in the zoo, and the kicker… all the beer and wine you can drink.

Get drunk and play with a Kangaroo? You have my attention…

Honestly though, this is SO Nashville.

Have you ever been to Nashville sober? (Read: “Dear Diary: Every Time I Visit Nashville I’m Drunk The Entire Time”) I don’t think I have. I get drunk on the flight in, or rather at the airport before the plane even takes off, the wheels hit the ground and it’s nonstop boozin’ until I take off again.

And now, even the damn zoo is slinging drinks.

Never change Nashville, never change.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock